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Pain in side, is it my kidneys playing up?

Hi I've been up most off the night with a pain in my side esp hurts when I cough. It feels like it's just below my ribs front an back. Had restless legs all night 2 which has stopped since I got up. Can't get appointment with my GP an truthfully lately GP hasn't done 2 much 4 me just keeps telling me see renual and rhemo doc. Do u think I should contact my renual doc? Anyone else ever had pains in side? Am at stage 4 kidney failure and am such a worrier !!

Ruth :)

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Hi Ruth_Iderry! Yes! I would think that if you are at stage 4 you probably know your body and your symptoms pretty good and if you think you have a problem then, for sure you should go in and see your Renal doctor. I know the whole thing of going through the process is a pain but you don't want to sit at home and get worse.

There is a fine line between the "Oh, I am not sick enough to go to hassle of seeing doctor" and the "Oh, I don't feel well enough to get out of bed to go see doctor". When it comes to UTI's and my Kidneys, I have made the mistake "of waiting too long" twice and ended up having little holidays flat on my back with lines attached, bedpans, and lots of pain meds. So now (yesterday in fact) I may be a little early showing up at clinic but I have my treatment started on symptoms and the doctor (never seen him before) said "we are usually the best judges of our own health".

So, go see your doctor, might just be gas, but you can stop worrying about it then.


Hi ,iv had a Kidney infection for 6 weks ,and its my left side,under my ribs .and my legs were so swollen ,an feet ,I couldn't put any shoes on.iv had Kidney problems since having fibro,iv not had any help of my GP and iv got ME as well. I need to see a Renal specialist ,cause every time I come off the Antibiotics the infection comes back a week later.So if I was you ,I would make sure I get to see the Kidney Specialist.make sure you drink plenty of Lemon an Barley it cleans the Kidney's ,also milk thistle is good as well and ginger ,an Those drinks with the good bacteria in ,Actamel not sure if that's spelt right fog brain

Take care

Love an Huggs



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