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Needing some advice from people who really know about Lupus, or at least something

So about a year ago my grandmother died. She lived with Lupus for over forty long years. In the end, it was just a lot of complications ( triple bypass surgery for a leaking aneurism on her aorta, failed kidneys, just a lot).

My dad used to be prediabetic and lost over 150 lbs. He was still diagnosed with type 2 diabetes back in late 2010. Now a few months ago, he was informed that since my grandmother had Lupus, it caused him to become a type 1 diabetic. I now I am obese and all, but I am trying to lose some weight. I am now just really worried I might get diabetes or even Lupus. I already have psoriasis on my scalp only, at least according to the doctors its psoriasis.

Can anyone help? I just want some answers before I go and talk to my doctor. I just don't want to see her right now. Any help and suggestions would be very helpful and maybe insightful.


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RachTheBombdotcom, I am pretty sure you know the answer to your questions already. If you have not been diagnosed with anything than why are you worrying so much about what could happen. Because your grandmother had Lupus, and at a time when it would not have been handled as well as it is today, does not mean that you will have Lupus. Your father's Type 2 Diabetes was a result of his life, not something his mother passed down to him. He did very well in losing all that weight but apparently the damage to his body has been done so now he will manage this next step. If little kids can do it, I am sure he can. As far as what you can do for yourself - taking better care of yourself is the answer now. Eat healthy, exercise and be happy. Don't waste good time sitting around worrying about what might happen down the road, get going and take control of your life. Because our parents have poor health does not mean we will, you are the boss of your body, unless you give up that job, then I guess the doctors and meds will be in charge. Going to the doctor does not make us healthy so don't depend on them for a quick fix, do your part before you give up to that life. I believe you are ready!


Hi Rachthebombdotcom unfortunately you will have seen you Grandmother go through lupus when it was a disease that was treated very differently and had very different outcomes on it's sufferers, but just because she had it doesn't mean that you will get it. If however you do though you can lead a very full and active life thanks to the way it is treated these days, I have had it twenty years, ok I have rough times but I have generally a very good life and two wonderful children and we have a great life doing all sorts of things together. Well done to your Dad for losing all that weight it is not easy to do I hope he manages to keep it off, I hope that he can give you some tips so that you can try....and succeed. I would suggest that you try to get then stay healthy, see your G.P. about your scalp, even ask for a referral to a dermatologist to make sure there is no possibility that the psoriasis is not discoid lupus as if it is you will need to keep well out of the sun and away from all forms of U.V. lighting including low energy and florescent bulbs if it is psoriasis the sun will help it heal.

Good luck and all the very best however you go on from here

Madmagz x


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