Letting the past go

My dry eyes pear anxiously

from the confines of my UV protected cell.

Perhaps today the sun will forget to shine.

Maybe for a while, I can escape.

Could spears of rain cleanse my skin?

Revive my past? My senses?

For now at least, in disappointment, in disarray

I melt into the confines of my sofa.

Coffee in hand.

Careful now not to sip it too hot,

as not to awaken my senses.

To avoid the screaming of tortured joints

Avoiding the angst of frustrated nothing.

Allowing myself to drift and be gently enveloped

in the warm soft grip

in the cotton wool of the smothering fog.

At least here I am allowed to be warm, dull and safe.

If I can forget the frustration

I can remember to forget.

5 Replies

Very nice Adrian....I unfortunately, am an idiot and will go out in the sun until I don't feel good. Then I go back inside. I wear a big hat...I can't give up the is my lifeline to joy....feel better


I sit outside under a brolly !!! haha the suns not gonna get me ... i wish


Yes, me too, we had a meeting outside at our table tennis club last Saturday - very hot, too hot inside, but my brolly kept me protected and cool!


Cultivate the Art of Doing Nothing for five minutes. It does have its beauty!


I call it my meditation time and it is so revitalizing, also I get information come through on my life's purpose - I let go for a short time of all the stresses and strains - the body needs it in today's world. I agree with you, totally!