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Hi all, you will know of my recent poor health and the concerns that I had starting on medication for my very high blood pressure (I did not know I was so unwell) and now that I am on a lowered dose of thyroxine - having to use the Mercury Pharma (3 x 25mcg) prescribed by my GP. Well, so far so good in that I have had no unusual side effects from the switch, good news indeed as I am coping with so many rapid changes to my health at the moment.

However, I am continuing to get episodes of rapid heart beat / skipped and extra beats and I am hoping that these will settle soon.

I am under the care of a consultant physician at my local hospital and they are checking my adrenal function as well as monitoring my over all health since I was admitted two weeks ago for BP 222/ 104 with a pulse of 116 and a pounding heart.

Today the consultant sent me for an urgent referral to Opthalmology. All is ok with the blood vessels in my eye and the retina (hydroxychloroquine - Plaquinel) abut he thinks my double vision and headaches are down to the high BP. However, the changes in my film / tear production is indicative 'of your arthritis' (UCTD), so he has given me a prescription for eye drops and an ointment to use at night to protect my cornea. My rheumatologist will be interested indeed.

Also, he has referred me next week to an endocrinologist! Though I have been hypothyroid for many years now my GP has never once suggested I see one...Is there anything I should be preparing myself to ask for this first appointment? I would be grateful for any suggestions and input from you all.

I am so thankful that the senior GP in my practice saw me and had me admitted to hospital, without which I would not be getting such fantastic after care.

I will pot on lupus site too as I believe all my symptoms are autoimmune related.


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Hi bestbuddy, what interested me with your post, was that, many of your symptoms point to an over active thyroid, rather than underactive. This was exactly the case with me, except the blood pressure. I lost an awful lot of weight too. My thyroid was removed, and lupus was blamed for it.(eventually). The endocrinologist will feel your neck for any swelling, goitre, on your thyroid gland. They will ask you lots of Q's about your well being. You should have lots of bloods for thyroid function, not just the usual TSH T3T4, ones. Don't dismiss any prob you may think is unrelated. My endo told me, "your body is like a finely tuned engine. If your thyroid isn't right, then neither is the rest of you". In his opinion, this gland is very much misunderstood. It controls your body's thermostat, to your metabolism, and much more. Glad you feel you are being taken seriously now, and I wish you better soon.


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