Rhuematology appointment yesterday

Went to rhuematology appointment yesterday and she informed me that because of my symtoms and a positive Anti RNP all other tests negitive i have some sort of conective tissue desease but on the up side my markers for inflamation arent up at the moment so thats a good thing so now to do some research to find out how i can keep as healthy as possible

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Hi -just briefly to say welcome. I have a diagnosis of RA but it isn't straight forward because I also have Sjogrens and Raynauds symptoms which bother me more than the rheumatoid disease presently. When I first saw a rheumatologist he said something similar to me and then second time things were pretty clear so I was diagnosed with sero negative RA.

I'm very fortunate that, although my inflammation markers are usually pretty high - I have little pain apart from in my skin which gets very sore and itchy. No joint deformities/ erosions etc. I think this is partly because of the drugs I'm on but also because of the exercise routine I try to stick to daily and because of my diet which is gluten free and I try and avoid all processed/ refined foods where possible. So I do believe it is just common sense to give our bodies as much chance as possible when we have autoimmune problems. I see it as a way of arming myself to defend it from the very wayward autoimmune system I seem to have landed! I hope this helps a little. Twitchy


Congrats hopey! Good luck with your treatment. Sounds hopeful! Good news..


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