My gums bleed occasionally when on Warfarin

I just started taking Warfarin in mid March and am on 6 mg per day but because of fluctuations and a tendency to go below my target rate (2.0-3.0) I am taking an extra 1 mg a week (usually split in two over 3 days). I had a stroke in March.

When I take the extra mg, I usually have some bleeding in a small part of my gums. I have a tendency to think that it's not a bad thing because I think it means my INR is then going into the mid 2's. The coumadin clinic I go to has me now coming every 3 weeks because I have been steady now at around 2.4. Has anyone experienced some bleeding gums they consider normal. I have difficulty finding extra soft toothbrushes but will buy a lot of them next time I find them.


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