Advice on non blanching rash with isolated prolonged APTT ^61

I am looking to find out some info if anyone can help. My god daughter who is a toddler was not too well yesterday and A&E first said could be hand, foot and mouth then HSP (henoch-schonlein purpura). After quite a long time they said my friends could go home and they didn't know what had caused the rash but they would be called back to see a haematologist this week as a problem with clotting had shown up in the blood tests. The discharge notes said non blanching rash, isolated prolonged APTT ^61. I think this means it took 61 seconds for the blood to form a clot and think normal time is 30-50 seconds. This is second time in a 12 month period she has been to A&E with a non blanching rash that couldn't be diagnosed. If anyone has any experience I would appreciate any info.

Many thanks in advance.

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Are these little red dots, like if she has been stuck with a little pin, and are they still visable when a glass is placed over them..can you give us a little bit more information on the look of the rash. Hugs and hope the little one is doing better x


Could be vasculitis, she needs to see a dermatologist for proper assessment and testing, one that has experience in vasculitis on top of the general dermatology, if only to rule it out, if nothing else.


Thank you for your replies. On Sunday it started like pin prick red dots and was still visible when a glass was pressed on it. It then changed to look like blisters. Yesterday a rash came up my friend has sent me photos of the rash from yesterday and it looks like hives. She took her to A&E and they said it was allergic reaction which when I saw the photos I agree but it just all seems a bit odd that she had a rash Sunday, they didn't know what it was, they picked up issue with clotting in her blood and then yesterday she has a reaction but she hasn't come into contact with anything different. Hope they can get to the bottom of it.


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