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What are the main effects of sun exposure

I get the rashes etc, but lately I have noticed that heat, sun exposure etc is making me very dizzy and light headed. It is as I have absolutely no intolerance to heat or sun at all. I also feel very sick, lacking in energy and appetite just disappears. Last night it went cooler and very bearable and I sat outside (no sun about!!) and mentioned to my husband that if the temperature and weather could be like this all summer I would be one very happy person. Tonight just driving for 10 mins in the car on the way home my arm feels as though it is on fire where the sun was on it (I wear sunsense factor 50) and got feeling very dizzy. It has got to the point where I am very nervous driving in case I go dizzy and this in effect nearly brings on a panic attack. Had my blood pressure checked last week in case it was a bit on the low side (hence feeling dizzy) but was totally the opposite and very high. Dr said it may be the fluctuations which is making me dizzy,.

Sorry for rambling, wanted to get it down whilst I was clear headed ( doesn't happen often these days!)

take care in the sun all


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Yes I respond in the same way. I love cycling but need to get out early if I am to avoid being struck down by the sun. Yesterday was a bad day. Lots of dizziness. I feel like my eyes are vibrating - that's the only way I can describe it!


You can read more about the effects of light sensitivity and what you can do in our factsheet here -


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