I just wondered if any of you ladies out there have a monthly flare with your menstrual cycle?

This happens to me every month at least 10 maybe more days before. It doesn't improve for awhile either. Just wondering if anyone can relate to this at all? Thanking you in advance.


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5 Replies

  • Hi Jo883

    I used to have the same problems with my monthlies as you describe. It's very common with Lupus and my Consultant said treatment can be adjusted to help at this time!. Hope I've helped?X

  • Hiya Misty14

    Thank you for your reply. It seems to be the same pattern for me. The fatigue first, loss of appetite, joint pain, slight malar rash and really bad brain fog. I keep a diary, I've had 20 good days on the trot where I have felt like me again. Free from pain, mentally alert and much more able. Now back to this again, I've been doing an anti inflammatory diet to see if this helps. I can't say for sure, I think it's helped a bit, been doing for 6-8 weeks - but I have to say when the weather improves so do I, I still get symptoms but they aren't as bad as winter, rain definitely affects me. I'm still not definitively diagnosed - still in no mans land. But this is a regular pattern for me. Thank you for your reply. Well wishes xx

  • Hi Jo883

    I've been thinking that I do. I haven't been doing a diary but yet again I struggled at home and work with increased fatigue and less able to mentally cope for almost a week and then the period. I had a Mirena put in yet I still have spotting and notice increased symptoms before hand. This time I have had difficulty with my knees too ( only an ache but that could be the steroid wearing off).

    I keep meaning to start one of these diaries.

  • Hiya whathappened

    I do keep a diary and it definitely coincides with me.

    I've been doing anti inflammatory diet to see if it helps - lots of fish etc and I do feel a bit better but still flare - my brain fog has been hideous. Calling people by the wrong name - when the right one is sitting there in my head!! Wrong words coming out, forgetting what I went to fridge for or even if I was heading for the fridge at all!! Joint pain in elbows, toes, knees, fingers and hideous fatigue. I too have the Mirena coil so same as you there. I keep a diary most days unless symptom free because there are things you just forget between appts. Also helps me plan for impending flare!! I wish you well xx thk u for your reply x

  • Oh my word, yes! I have never had PMS in my life, but it's been REALLY bad recently. I had no idea there was a lupus connection!

    I did say to the Rheumy doc that I thought my hormones were going a bit mental but he said it was nothing to do with his area of expertise and that if it was really bothering me, I could go back to my GP and ask to be refered to a hormone doc - I forget what they're called - Endocrinologist? It's been so bad recently I was thinking I might just do that.

    But because I didn't realise it had a lupus connection, I thought maybe I was just being a bit stupid or something - I really doubt myself sometimes that things are actually real and not all in my head. Knowing other people have this gives me a bit more confidence to do something about it. Thank you.

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