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Daughter aged 23, had various symptoms recieved test resulta from her gp with no explenation?

Hi everyone I have a question about my daughters blood tests, she recieved Them in the post with no explanation (don't think her gp has a clue) p-lupus anticoagulant RVVT *1.14 and P-lupus anticoagulant SCT *1.05 I would be most gratefull if anyone can explain this to her as she is very confused. She has painfull joints with swelling very stiff in the morning and suffers from fatigue not to mention mord swings. Thanks again don't mean to go on

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Hi ftjft

I can't comment on your daughter's blood tests but what I would say is have you asked your GP for a referral to a Rheumatologist?. In view of her symptoms I think that could be helpful. Good luck.X


Thanks Misty


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