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Enzyme lecture very informative...if interested in learning more, go to This site is not affiliated with the lecture I just attended. That was a different company (which by the way is planning on having a class in the UK sometime in the future)....for those interested in aiding the body to heal itself. " The individual who is unable to produce adequate amounts of enzymes sets up the environment for autoimmune disease". This company even has an enzyme that will aid my body to not clot...Protease and lipase are enzymes that clean the walls of the vascular system. The company that presented tonight is Enzymedica, the enzyme experts. Website is Read for yourself and make your own decision. I have started the digestive enzyme because I felt like I had leaky gut, losing nutrients, dizzy. Only been on for three days. age, genetics, life style create enzyme deficiencies. ...I believe in this..the body can heal.....I will add, these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and drug administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. pH also seems to be important. We want our bodies to be in the middle. Not too acidic, not too basic. Fantastic!!!

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Oh, also, was just told to take minerals when using enzymes. Enzymes draw off minerals. So far feeling pretty good. Have not had a heat episode today. My joint pain is manageable. I can lift my right arm, when I couldn't without pain in my shoulder. Miracle. Don't believe me, try it!


I too have been finding out more about the link between the gut and our health. Apparently 80% of our immune system resides in the gut, and if we have an unhealthy balance of the bad sorts of bacteria living there, this can cause auto-immune conditions due to leaky gut. I have been gluten free for 18months now as well as eating a very good diet full of fresh fruit and veg and organic meat, which has really helped and my inflammation levels have gone down (from 30 to 8) and I'm in remission! I'm now off all medication. I still have a few niggles but I have a lot more energy which is fantastic!

This is some helpful info about digestive enzymes:

This video explains how to make your own fermented foods:

And this is all about how auto-immune conditions and fibromyalgia can be caused by bad gut health and what to do about it:


Dryad...awesome! Good to hear from someone else. That is fantastic that u r feeling better...spread the word...I am just so happy to be feeling a little normal again. I hope it lasts. I can't always eat gluten free, organic because of how expensive it is. That is why I am using the enzymes to get back on track and balance the body pH...exciting news!


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