Neutrophills have dropped concerned

I have my bloods taken every four weeks. I stopped steds last Nov and I am on mmf 2000mg pet day. Had bloods done last Tuesday and came home to a letter saying my Neutrophills have dropped to 1.1. I haveen warned in the past to seek assistance if they fall below one. I have been told to get my bloofs done again next week. What does this mean and should I be worried. I have lupus sle and ss

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hiya,i have have a low WBC for years,got worse when starting meds,like you I was on mmf,at one point my neutrophils dropped to 0.89 they reduced meds for a week and they went back up,also just take extra care with hand washing,washing fruit,veg etc and cooking food properly,i still have problems they go up and down a lot but are always low,my lympocetes dropped last week and neutrophils were normal,changed again with this weeks test,maybe your dr will lower your dose if they continue to be low,take care xx


Hi lulabelle, agree with poodlegal, mine are up and down,neutro monos and basos. This is 'normal ', for lupys without immunos in their system.


Me too I've been the same for years, sometimes they drop really low then a few weeks later they are ok again. It's happened that often I don't get too worried these days x


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