Could anyone advise on what I should do I have epilepsy and have at least 1 seizure per week which I can take 24-48 hrs to recover from

I attended atos medical advisor said she recommended 2year as my condition hadnt changed since 1995 when I got word back I have been placed in work related activity group and have asked for a reconsideration which is in process at present I have to attend interview with job centre next week my question is do I need to get a letter from my gp in advance of appeal (if it happens ) im not due to see my neurologist till august so not sure if they could help I know the chances are I will have a seizure and be unable to attend due to the stress of the thought of going to the interview in the first place as I dont go out very often because im terrified of having a seizure as I very rarely get any warning when I said this to the halfwit I spoke to at the job centre his answer was thats fine just phone in and say you cant manage and you can rearrange (if only I was able to would be a miracle) who will give me a job when I say I have a seizure once or twice every week and can take 2-3 days to recover doesnt leave many days to work in a week and it is not the same day every week so do they just bomb me off esa with no money at all when no sane employer would employ me needing 4-5 days a week off . Any advice would be appreciated


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