Has anyone been diagnosed with lupus by an immunologist?

I have been to a rheumy but didn't get far with her.

Now my doctor has put me on Hydroxychloroquine because of the pain I am in and it is having some effect after having been on it about 3-4 months.

Now he is sending me to an immunologist as he feels that there is something wrong with my health but he is not sure what. Any advice welcome.

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Hi there very strange because normally a rheumy is the one to diagnose lupus. I see both because I have been diagnosed with immune deficiency as well not really sure if they pus has caused it or all the medication I have been taking for many years. I was getting a lot if shingles & infections before I was diagnosed with this but since being on immunoglobulin infusions weekly it has calmed most of the chronic infections I get. I so hope the immunologist u see sheds some light on your problems. Take care, please keep me posted on how u get on x


So many thanks for your reply.

I also have autoimmune problems, hashimoto's, chronic idiopathic CD4 lymphopenia, so far.

I have all the symptoms of lupus which I have had on and off since I was 13 (now 52). I could give you a list but I'm sure you know what I mean.

Over the years I have seen numerous consultants all with differing opinions.

I have had a diagnoses in 1989 of ME/CFS but I am not sure whether this is the problem at all.

I will let you know how I get on when I get to see the immunologist.

Regards, Sarah x


Lupus is normally diagnosed by what is called a CTD clinic Connective Tissue Disease specialist, your rheumy within the clinic. Hydroxychloroquine doesn't work alone i assume that you are on other drugs working with it? Its a slow working drug and takes a minimum of 12 weeks before any improvement. Yes there is something wrong you have Lupus a very complicated disease.

Rheumatologists are trained to take care of patients with lupus. Some rheumatologists take special interest in lupus and other immunological diseases. Lupus is an autoimmune disease, in which the immune (defense) system of the body is purported to act more than it should.

Your rheumatologist, like any other physician, would like to get as much help as he/she can get in tackling a complex problem like that of your lupus

If he/she has a particular physician/immunologist in mind, it may be a good idea to visit for an opinion.

The more you and your doc understand the better you can both help and deal with it.

Take care


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