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Colchicine and pregnancy advice please ;)

Hello, I am on colchicine for suspected Metiterranean fever and cannot come off it as it causes severe pericarditis and other complications. I am planning a pregnancy this year and have worked with a number of hospitals due to my rare diseases and the risk of taking colchicine during a pregnancy. It is very difficult to gather information as the test sample sizes for females taking this drug in pregnancy is rather small. If there is anybody out there who has taken this medication during pregnancy I would be really interested in hearing from you.

Stay well & thanks :)

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Hi, I haven't any experience of it but my rheumatologist said to me that my medication wouldn't be a cause for concern if I was to become pregnant, and I am on colchicine too!

Anyway, I wish you lots of luck! I hope you have a healthy pregnancy when the time comes xxxx


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