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Hi bbb

I have just read your post about the dla appeal and just felt I had to write. It is totally unacceptable for anybody to abuse their power in that way and to make you feel intimidated. If you feel up to it I think it's really very important that you complain. It can be hard to do I know but the more of us who don't complain allow these bullies to get away with their behaviour. I wish you lots of luck. Take care.

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Thanks for your reply, I sat yesterday and sent a email direct to the tribunal service and emailed my local MP who also has a disability. Nothing will probably happen but I can't leave it, it's so not fair, I just had to for future claimaints. Very many thanks x


Well done and you never know! Keep me updated. x

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the politics we have now have demonised the sick to the point the tribunal services in paticulrly the atos team is a rotten sham. they want people to suffer in silence and if you cannot afford to live that's just fine


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