lupus and sciatica

I am really suffering with a very long bout of sciatica for several months. it has become sooo bad. burning feet and legs,cramps. shooting pains and pins and needles its worse in the night and I cannot sleep. I suffer from really bad fibro. had some acupuncture this aug and I can feel the entry point of the needle even now. its so depressing. I am now on lyrica pregabalin anyone used this . the gabapentin made no difference. been of the plaq but am worried that this will help with the general pain etc any sugesstions folks

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  • hi

    i take pregabalin for a similar problem in my c spine they work quite well with very little side effect for me although i saw the rumi yesterday and got a ticking off for doing to much we are getting ready to move house so a lot to be done. hope things get better for you

  • What does your Rheumatologist say? I ask because Ive the same thing and am now having MRI's on the spine and head to find out whats going on ... I really hope you find some relief ... I know how hard it is to deal with that kind of pain ... my meds only dull the pain but it is always there -x-

  • i am going to see a neoro surgeon so i will have to consider the the risks against posibil benifets of surgery , i have a cervical radiculpathy

  • i am supposed to have a scan on my spine/back too as that's where sciatica starts. my mum had the same pain when her heart was failing and not enough blood got to her feet so all the nerve endings were damaged. she was on morphine so strong she was a zombie. her feet turned black and shrivelled I am so worried that this may happen to me. I am glad the meds worked for you farmester. hopefully elle I will get some kind of cure rather than just the meds

  • Yes hope so -x- You've just raised similar to what im going through ... my feet are bad... my little boy noticed them and said "Mummy you got dirty feet" ... my blood circulation is bad and i suffer terrible with cold feet -x-

  • I don't believe there's a direct link between SLE and sciatica per se. What I will say is, in my long experience of battling SLE and mechanical spinal problems (almost 30 years, sigh), if there's inflammation in your body of any kind caused by another process such as disc degeration or soft tissue injury, LE cells tend to hone-in and make it 100 times worse. To win the SLE battle you must keep inflammation suppressed. Easier said than done I know! Try Nabumetone tabs, injections of Depo-Medrone and/or Voltarol suppositories. At best it's a juggling act - really all about discovering what works best for you and self-management. Never be afraid to educate yourself - there are fantastic on-line links - nor of asking your Rheumatologist to try specific drugs. They will invariably welcome your input.

  • Thanks Tigerlily for your helpful drug and sciatica info . It is a hard condition to live with. X

  • You're welcome Misty :D x

  • Hi Tintin49

    I've got an unusual form of sciatica called Piriformis Syndrome, just been diagnosed and it's very painful so I completely sympathise. I can recommend steroid injections, had the best relief. It's right first for you to find out what you have. Good Luck x

  • thanks its ruining my life paikillers are not the answer I cant sleep its worse at night

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