Unpredictable Days of LUPUS

Hi all

Friday was my birthday the 20th of sept. i had a miraculous day. i was able to go to church in the morning, make a huge breakfast, had a lye down, watch some home video's the had my favourite african delicacy. little did i know that my day was not over dat my happiness will be shortlived. i woke up in the middle of the night with a banging headache, i had to take tramadol and paracetamol. the headache persisted all through the next day accompanied with nausea and entire body ache. I felt downcast and was unable to sleep. I also removed my contact lenses to know where the pain is coming from. This morning i have been unable to go to church cos i dnt feel well enough will say my prayers at hope. Lupus is not what we all bagained for. I always ask when will it stop. I dont arrange appointments cos i dont know how the day will turn out even my therapy appointment is becoming more difficult bcos the enomous pain i have after making that journey. It is a though ride. I am hopely starting Retoximab next friday i hope it works for me.

thank you all for listerning



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  • Happy belated birthday to you, its almost as if the lupus gave you a day off to enjoy your birthday.... big hugs and remember us all in your prayers. X


  • i will


  • Glad to had a good birthday day. Yes you are completely right lupus is as changeable as our British Weather. Hope you have more good days to come xx

  • i hope so too

    thanks xx

  • Happy belated birthday.

    Yiu can never predict when a fare comes along. I try to rest before hand any outing and avoiding the sun which can be a struggle when out and about. Stay positive i know easier said than done. (Big hugs)

  • Happy belated birthday!!! You are right it is unpredictable. Anyway you had a fairly good day on your birthday! Don't lose hope, I know the pain is too much at times and I have learned to pace myself to manage. Keep praying and stay in touch, we are here for you. Xxx

  • it s my birthday today and must admit I felt better today (to start with)so I took my dogs to the local rescue kennels dog show,we didn't win any categories but my elder dog-when i came home to get a drink and bite to eat -actually wanted to go back.they were flat out from the time I got home and I thought Ah!peace and quiet-make the most of it-but I was too exhausted to do anything except sleep! so its an early night for me.

  • Happy Birthday !!! To you xx I just spotted you at the end of reading ijeasike post , sounds like you had a busy day xx

  • happy birthday dear hope the rest was refrehing

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