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Has any one been mistakenly diagnosed with Lymphoma? Or had swollen lymph nodes which were suspected could be Lymphoma?

I was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma after a biopsy of a swollen lymph node. I spent 6 weeks thinking l had cancer & preparing for chemo. I was then told my diagnosis was wrong. I have not been diagnosed with lupus but do have a number of the symptoms & my hematologist says that there's some sort of auto immune problem going on. I also have hypothyroidism. Id be grateful for any feed back.

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Hi timmysmum ,sorry to hear your having such a worrying time.good news that you haven't lymphoma but you still don't know what's going on...! Did you ever have your thyroid anti bodies checked ?or we're you told you were just hypothyroid? Do you have Hashimotos? Which is autoimmune thyroiditis..Are you treated by your GP or do you visit a endo at the hospital?have you joined thyroiduk HU forum? Which would very helpful . l started my journey with this then the Lupus SLE ,Sjogrens,Hughes,Fibro,and lots of other add ons joined my club ! l am currently suffering with painful enlarged lymph glands in my groins and under arms and have had blood tests . maybe a referral to a rheumatologist would help.?i do hope you get sorted soon bestwishes Donna xx


Thanks for your reply Donna, lm only being treated by gp for hypo thyroid which I was only diagnosed with about 10 weeks ago. I have tested positive for thyroid antibodies. I have seen a Rhumy but she didn't think l had lupus & said she'd see me again in a year which Will b January. My swollen lymph node was not painfully which is one reason why Lymphoma was 1st suspected. Pain generally indicates infection, (but lm no expert). May l ask what the blood tests you said you'd had were for? Hope u get the results you want.x


Hi timmys mom..I'm sorry not to have replied sooner just found you reply....didn't get a notification..

Hope you might be feeling brighter with maybe some answers?

As you have tested pos for thyroid anti bodies you have Hashimotos ( autoimmune thyroiditis) have a google there and search thyroid uk HU forum and for info....has a hole bag of symptoms..

I am in a pickle at the moment all my glands are up . My GP ran all FBC and a test which tested or C complement .they came back ok...Then I became very ulcerated down below( again) which along with my ulcerated throat..he thinks I have Behcets syndrome..I seem to tick most boxes and have had to raise my prednisalone's a wait and see game.just another thing to add to my bag of autoimmune stuff. With bestwishes Donna x


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