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Swollen ankles and feet

Does anyone know how I can reduce the huge swellings in my ankles and feet? It seems to be water.

Is this another side effect of steroids maybe? Or the heat?

Any info would help me, thanks.


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Hi I'm not sure if its steroids or the heat,but I have been suffering with my ankles and lower part of my legs swelling for a few weeks now.They tend to do it about half way through the day,by the end of the evening it is really noticeable and uncomfortable.


Me too, it's really annoying! Hope it's not a permanent problem!


Hi both,

This could potentially be water retention. it may be worth reducing salt intake where possible as that may help. However I think it would be wise to flag to your doctor as soon as possible as sometimes swollen ankles and legs could be a sign of potential problems with the kidney. Don't want to alarm you but its worth checking for piece of mind and catching it early. I say this as have been diagnosed with Lupus Nephritis and the early signs were swollen ankles, puff eyes first thing in the morning and frothy urine. I hope its nothing to worry about for you though and hopefully you will feel more comfortable soon. take care x


I asked my GP the other day and he said it is gravity and the heat.Make sure you put your legs up as much as you can.


Thanks, if it is a matter of gravity we should

Perhaps walk on our hands?!



my ankles become swollen from late afternoon onwards for the last two months? I too had put it down to the heat. I have raynaulds so my feet are usually blue/purple but Tuesday night they were bright red and swollen,hasnt happened since. I too elevate my feet when I rest x


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