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after 16 years of being ill I finally have a diagnosis, I don't have Lupus, I have M.E/cfs.

I cant tell you, wait hang on you already know what relief it is getting a diagnosis, at last ratification that you are ill, your not making it up or your mad like I was told. im going to take some time to take it in and then move on.

thank you to all of you who have helped to give me someone to share my feelings, observations and thoughts over the last few months, I wish you all the very best. Mark.

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Hi Mark, I'm glad for you that you have a diagnosis you're comfortable with. However, I would just caution you to remain vigilant. All too often autoimmune disorders are MISdiagnosed as ME/CFS (or depression, or stress, or virus) on the basis of negative blood results and because medics are not clued up. So keep an eye on your symptoms and the effects of whatever treatments you're being offered and go back if things seem to be going backwards. Other than that, good for you, and all the best!


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