Take a long hike Lupus :0(

Today i had a check up at my transplant clinic and was told that my consultant thinks i have active Lupus after 12 years. IM NOT HAPPY! Now a wait for a week for the blood results to return. Ringing for kidney results in an hour or so. Three months of infections, scleritis, horrendous sore itchy skin, shoulder and neck pain and today stabbing pains in my chest (not heart related). Last month was a negative so how could i have Lupus stuff going on when i am negative???? Come to that does Lupus still do horrible things to your health whilst in a negative state? If the answer is no then why do things still happen despite immune supression? think you can tell i'm really upset to hear the words ACTIVE LUPUS. :0(


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  • Routine bloods back, all fine, Creatinine 81 that's excellent for a transplant, happy with these results, now lets pray for a negative result next week!

  • MandaM you are in my prayers!

  • Thank you Lulabelle x

  • Well compliments in normal range, ana's etc negative so what's going on then??? Glad my consultants hunch was wrong!

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