I had a borderline positive ANA test 2 years ago, and Hep2 cells were borderline positive..and the dsDNA level was very low at about 5 units

.. Mid-December 2012 I had the test repeated through a neurologist (as I was getting numb toes) and the test came back as ANA positive...Hep2 cells positive...the dsDNA level was 70 and an extra test of Crithidia came back borderline positive...The lab requested a repeat in 3 - 6 months. I have been all over the internet, and with the dsDNA and Crithidia talks about SLE. I haven't had the repeat done yet. What do you all think please..

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First, don't panic.

A raised ANA can happen to lots of perfectly healthy people. A raised dsDNA can mean lupus (but I have never heard of crithidia so I can't hep with that).

I had low level raised anti dsDNA and raised ANA for a few years beofre anyone was prepared to mention the L word. at the time I was nowhere near as unwell as I have been since, or as unwell as I needed to be for them to give me a diagnosis.

The important thing is that investigations are being done, you are getting some care and will have repeats in a few months. I am afraid I do think that you may have lupus (antibodies to your own double-stranded DNA seems like a bit of a giveaway for autoimmunity) but I am NOT a doctor. If it is lupus lets hope it remains a mild one - or even that by the time you are re-tested it has gone into remission.

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