Cyst question again !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please put my mind at rest !!!???

O.K I have a cyst on my right overy , 11cm by I think 12 and many of you put my mind at rest. Iwas told that it was fluid filled , but now I have received a letter , saying the specialist wants me to have a Ca125 blood test ! this is to check cancer , right ? or it is still possible to be !?Did any of you have this blood test ?

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Hi Larissa,

You should really ring your GP to ask, as only he will have an idea and be able to put your mind at ease. I understand that having a raised CA125 test is not specific just to ovarian cancer, but may also be raised in other types of gynae problems including pelvic inflammatory disease and endometriosis etc. Some women have a naturally high level too. Perhaps they are checking if there is a related cause ?? Only they know. I believe that many people do not require treatment for cysts as they can go away on their own, but others do, but you do not say in this post what they have suggested for you. Some cysts may become cancerous over a period of time, and think the test is just a marker, so if they have suggested a test, perhaps they are intending to leave yours alone but just checking that it is safe to do so ??

Please, please ask your GP asap if he can throw any light on the matter to stop you worrying, he should have heard from the consultant and may know if it is simply precautionary and he can probably do this on the phone with you. I only know a little about the above as a sister in law had ovarian problems. You must be very worried, but please try not to (easy for me to say) and get dialling! Take care and let us know.


Thanks for your reply.

I just got home and the gp has rung my house !!!! so going down at 5.30 to get squeezed in ! x


I was told when I was 15 that I had a couple of cysts on each ovary but they just left them. Don't if they have gone or not but haven't had any bother with them. Mind my scan was on my kidneys and not related to ovaries. Hope you get sorted xxx


Thankyou megs, the gp just wanted to book in my blood tests. I am gonna have them tomorrow .

The gp said that my cyst didn't look obviously sinister , but when I asked if the tests were routine , she said no, only need to check the ones that look like mine !? I wanted to ask ,like what ? but stupidly didn't ask any more questions ! I am wondering if its because its so large ? Its fluid filled .I don't know , just have to wait :(


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