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Does anyone suffer from excrutiating eye condition Scleritis?

For many years now lupus has been attacking my eyes on a fairly regular basis. Apparently I'm lucky to still have my eyes as all this constant scleral inflammation should have thinned the whites of my eyes by now causing them to loose all the fluids from inside. Nice! Popped eyes effectively. I thought when I went on steroids and immune suppresants after kidney transplant I would be rid of this, but 7 years on I'm getting at least 5 attacks per year. Does anyone know of a med to prevent this inflammation occuring? The pain to which ever eye and side of face, jaw, every tooth that side is unbearable, light sensitivity off scale and general feeling of being sleepy and unwell. Eye also livid red with the inflammation. Can take weeks to go.

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I get scleritis,,,,doc makes no comment ;(


Are you seeing an opthalmologist when you have attack? VERY important. X


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