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Broken bones?

Hi I just wondered if anybody has broken any bones but not realised at the time.

The reason I ask is because I found out a year ago whilst in hospital I had a few old fractures on my ribs.

At my last appointment with my rheumatologist I had to have a CT scan with die put in me,while my consultant was looking at the results he said I had broken my left shoulder at some point.I knew nothing about it.

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yep,afraid i was told in january i had a broken bone in my foot and had no idea. And again last week saw on x-ray another one broken without my knowledge!

I think we have so much pain that we can't feel the difference anymore.

take care



yes. Like ursi, I had been walking around with a fractured metatarsal (that had also pushed so much on another bone in my foot that it had snapped) for 3 years without realising lol!


Well at least I'm not the only one,its hard to believe though that you can break a bone and not even know.


I collapsed last year and thought that I had just sprained my ankle as my foot ballooned up. I had never broken any bones previously so had no idea what it might feel like. At A&E, the x-ray showed I had actually broken my leg (fibula). Six hours later, it was reset and put in a cast for seven weeks.


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