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Pmt help!

Hi fellow lupies!

Just approaching my period but feeling absolutely awful.

A week before I'm going to start it all starts the fatigue, headaches and the depression. Not sure how to handle it! I cant take time off work every month. Just lying in bed feeling sorry for myself. Avoided going to my mums tonight cos I was so miserable yesterday. What to do any suggestions? :'(

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vitamin b6 and evening primrose?? if not eplileptic should help x


Hi I get exactly the same I would find myself with increased symptoms and slowly sinking into a deep depression every month. I started taking anti depressants and they made a world of difference I have definitely got more of my month back to do nice things with :-)


Aww thanks ladies. I used to take evening primrose but stopped it. And I might have to try theantidepressents too if I continue to feel like this!


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