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Has anyone ever complained about a tribunal panel

Has anyone ever made a complaint about the treatment they received at a hearing for an appeal. I am still distressed about the hearing I had last week for DLA and have decided that I should not have to put up with the treatment I received and have written a letter of complaint to the tribunal board to investigate. I was just wondering if anyone had ever done this and what was the response. love to allxxxxxx

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I have just applied for DLA support so tell you if I get to that stage. Sorry cant help at mo.


Not personally, but if you go to this link :- and the website:- you will see the various stances and complaints that people have raised, including tons of blogs from people who feel aggrieved at their outcomes and what they have done. The first link reports on ATOS having to pay compensation to someone for the distress they caused at an appeal.

ATOS now have so many complaints you could also raise your complaint with your local MP, as the more the issue is raised and highlighted, the more the government will hopefully be pressured into doing something. ATOS is after all about saving money, and the cost of the appeals etc will soon outweigh the cost of any savings. In that respect it would seem the more who summon up the strength and determination to complain the better.

Quite a few MP's have taken up cases on behalf of their constituents and as you know some have raised questions in parliament and said how dreadful some of these decisions are. Do your research on the net if you can, some of the websites seem to contain ideas on the possible wording of any complaint and may help you. Good luck and please do not give up.


Hi I had problems with my DLA had to appeal so glad you have complained that treat people very badly , i wonder how they would react if they were put in the position we all now find our selfs in after all its not our thought we have this awful illness thats incurable ,

Please dont give up keep fighting and good luck


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