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Pass the parcel

hi been awhile since been on here only because I didn't and still don't know where I belong.totally sick of being passed from pillar to post at hospital next time they ask my name going to say parcel just pass me on.still struggling on at work(just) I don't give a fxxx what I've got I just want to know as really had enough of trying to fight the invisible man (so to speak)would really like to keep moaning but on a split shift and have to go back to work x

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Oh I so now how you are feeling. Over a year ago my Gp sent me to hospital specialist. I live in Australia. After many months he couldn't figure out what is wrong with me and then attempted to tell me it must all be in my head and I must be depressed and anxious. Seriously!!! I pushed to be referred to rheumatologists and well here I am now half way through another year and still no closer to finding out except that they have told me I have an autoimmune disease which may be RA or it may be Lupus or it could be a combination. I have liver problems now too that are complicating everything (GP is testing for autoimmune hepatitis) and I am allergic to just about every antibiotic there is as testified by the many reactions I have also had in the past year. To say I am over it is an understatement and I am now at the point I just want to walk away and get on with it. I am only just managing to go to full time work too so I can sympathize, some weeks I think I will just collapse. I think I would like to know but I think I will just then say thanks and see you later.


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