Purple rash (petechiae)

My daughter has today developed a small rash on the inside crease of both elbows. To begin with, my sister in law suggested it might be heat rash. I thought no more about it and as my daughter was not in any discomfort thought all was OK.

Anyway, the rash, which is made up of small purplish dots, has not gone this evening, and it does not go away if pressed. I suspect she has an autoimmune condition but has anyone else experienced something like this please?

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Hello CT

Get her to a Doctor. Petechiae is a symptom of a few things some of which are potentially serious.


Hi CT,,i Have purple spot like rash most of the time on arms and legs,started off years ago,,now now it's the rash i have from 9dle)Discoid Lupus.Took a skin biopsy todiagnose this.The rash you are describing and the area it's started in sounds very familular.The spots do't go away when pressed,,you should get back to your dox and ask for tests.Wishing you all the very best with this.x


I have spot like rashes most of the time and i've been told it's all to do or connected to our CTD. (So i've got rashes for the rest of my life how wonderful!!)


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