No where to go? No one to go with? Lost for something interesting do without paying a membership fee or having to commit?TRY THE meetup SITE

Just because I'm ill doesn't mean I don't want to mix and mingle or to stimulate my mind, body and soul when I'm able - I'm not dead yet, lol. Fortunately, someone recently suggested joining the meetup website to check out groups in my local area and it's FREE :-). It caters for a whole load of people with different interests and you basically just meet up. I've been to see a local theatre group, a picnic in the local park and a good old fashioned pub meet - me nursing water, mainly as I can't afford to drink, it's so expensive now,isn't it? But that's fine. Everyone has been so lovely. Go on give it a try, there's no need to be alone. Sending healing smiles and hugs to all. :-):-)

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  • I'd also advocate I joined when I moved to Essex and wouldn't have met my friends without it.

  • Great. Wish I'd discovered it earlier. :-)

  • Had a look at this site and its awesome!

  • Yes, it is isn't it. Hope you use it to meet others. :-)

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