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I have lupus SLE and a umbillical supra hernia. Told I need an opp

Hi all, Im new so this is all so baffling to me, I have been going back and forth a gastro specialist after i had my gallblader out 10 years ago, i started suffering from crushing abdo pain which goes round to my back, it feels like a vice is crushing every organ, all this with vomiting badly. Specialist thought maybe it was a stone in the duct, so did a mri, (get these results friday) he said i have a small umbillical supra hernia, he also sent me to a rhumey, which did bloodes and test on me. Positive lupus sle found and start treatment in 2weeks the mean time i have a opperation. In the meantime my opp date came for my hernia repair, i was booked in about to go to theatre when my husband mentioned i had lupus as were they aware, nooooooo they werent, the surgeon opperating wasnt my normal specialist and didnt have a clue, went ummmm ohhhhh i really dont want to opperate on you as im not sure of your case, he then rung my gastro specialist and he agreed to not opperating on that day, he said if he was going to opperate he wanted to do it himself,,,all this messing about it really getting to me, im not sure if there crushing pain, fever, voming, blood in water tests is what you call a flare of lupus, or if this is my hernia playing me up, please can anyone help as i dont know what one is giving me this dreadfull life draing pain, xxx

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Sounds more likely to be the hernia causing stomach pain. I have severe kidney involement but there was never any pain with it.At least the surgeon was cautios about whether to proceed with the surgery just in case, and at least it will be sorted soon. Hope all goes well for you and things are sorted :)


I also had kidney involvement but didnt have pain in that area. Although I will say I had a feeling of tightness. As if something (organ) was enclosed in a restrictive plastic bag.

I had a renal crisis before the signs were really flagged up. When my kidneys were really bad I felt sick all the time and extremely tired. I also had terrible headaches as my BP shot up.

Lupus flares in general also cause great pain.


Thank you so much pattismith, very sorry for my bad spelling lol, hard day at work after being ill and sick all night didnt help. Im seeing a nurse at my local hospital soon so that they can start me on the medication, I do not know what to expect, is this the normal way they do things x


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