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what contraceptives can people use when have lupus

right I just had another baby n now I hav bin told I cant use anything wiv hormones in it coz it cud flare up my lupus then I get told I cant go on coil coz I will b low in iron but if use condoms they can split n if I got myself done they sed I will b to young n it cud also flare up lupus coz the op so wondering if anyone else has any problems wiv this n how should I deal with it

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Thank you for your question. I will need to do more research about this important question. Have you discussed this with your lupus specialist? S/he may be able to refer you to a gynaecologist who treats women with lupus.

You are also very welcome to post this question at the LuPUS Message Board @ - you will need to register which is free.

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thank u I will do


For me it was quite easy my hubby had the snip. So I didn't need to worry about contraception.


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