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So I've had boils for some time shell I've seen 4 worms so far and confirmed it yesterday has this happen to any one else. Help PLEASE I WANT TO COMMIT SUICIDE NOW I CAN GOT THROUGH THIS

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Lilrosie1 i note that you normally go to the Lupus UK site here on HU and that the last time Paul gave you some very good advice about trying to see a councellor did you do that? I'm so sorry you feel like you do but you must see your GP if you have worms and they will also help you to feel better generally about everything. Please don't worry too much this phase will pass and you will get better help.

If you feel really desperate and need someone to talk to then please call the Samaritans service who will talk to you day or night. Call 116 123 day or night and talk to them and they will help you. I hope things improve for you soon. X


Apologies for the delay.

If you feel suicidal, you must contact your GP or call one of the help lines such as the Samaritans:

116 123 (UK)

116 123 (ROI)

We cannot offer any emergency services.

I would like to help you but you need to do 2 things:

First, go to see your doctor for treatment. Your condition is treatable.

Second, I think you need some psychological help. If you feel as you do, you must ask your GP to help. The GP can refer you to see a psychiatrist who will evaluate you, just as your GP would for any physical condition.

As you have written SUICIDAL is capital letters, you are letting me know that you are feeling desperate and you need to be taken seriously. I am taking you seriously. I don't think you should just see a counsellor. I think you need to be referred to a specialist who can then make some recommendations and discuss any treatment option.

Please see your GP as soon as possible - say it is an emergency - tomorrow!

In the meantime, phone the Samaritans and speak to someone there.

Do you have family or a close friend you can be with?

I am a psychotherapist, but I cannot offer any emergency services. You need to speak to someone face-to-face. However, while you are waiting, if you want to talk to me, you can do so.

With good wishes,



Hi ros

I came to the ER but there limited here and they didnt do no MRI or cat scan just sending me home and and I don't want to stay this way. The only Dr that cares Is My family practice. I've never been this way. Ever until this disease decides to go active


Go to see your family practice doctor! I hope you will feel better soon!


I did nothing its all in my head I guess Idk.


I went to ER and they said even if I did they couldn't do much. I broke down Drs didnt know to much about lupus or anything's we go through said I had to go to triage to lance them but Will leave me scars. So I checked myself out then went to my Dr got a.shot in the butt to help cause I have infection through my body. And then they said I have ROSECEA and it's CHRONIC so idk. I just don't anymore


You need to see a dermatologist. Rosacea is a treatable condition. Diana, Princess of Wales had this condition, so too Bill Clinton.



Well I highly am blaming my apartment manager I told them I had lupus and don't do good in be at or Sun and I they still haven't fixed the problem with my air conditioner now its winter ugh


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