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This anxiety and stress is making everything worse GI problems horrible

Like from my throat all the way through my entire stomach feels swallowed and messed so nauseous constantly. I feel like everything is getting worse and .I also feel like my only escape is sleep but lately I've had the same recurring nightmare.Me screaming in a storm on my knees crying and nobody can see me or hear me and the rain just keeps pouring.And in real life I feel the same. I feel all of these things and just as crazy as it sounds ,kind of just talk to myself like think what would I tell somebody else if they were in my same position.If it's something you cannot change don't worry about it. It's easier said them done.

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IMHO, I think you need to see your doctor and perhaps get a referral for some counselling/therapy. Rather than talk to yourself, talking with someone who is there to help would be a better solution.

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