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Without wedding jitters you would think this wouldn't be so stressfull

Without wedding jitters you would think this wouldn't be so stressfull

People that were once thought of as family ended up being like a villain from a Disney movie. Trying to ruin as much as they can.As if having a flare up during planning isn't bad enough. We have to deal with a family feud. I just can't now I can't care and I know they don't know this being this sick I feel like there are evil and this is so unforgivable! I have to choose whether or not to do chemo and they want to throw shit at my one day my wedding not even mad anymore in just discussed with the person I thought wasn't a enemy. Why pretend to be around to try to ruin things so sickeningly. This is our wedding box my mother made us. Have to have some sun sun through the clouds

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I know this is easy to say but please try:

1. Take a deep breath and ask yourself this question: who are the people closest to you?

2. Do they give you support and unconditional love and support?

3. Will they be at your wedding?

4. Do you need anyone else?

5. If those members of your family are trying to spoil your wedding and happiness, you have a choice? Do you (a) let them spoil your day and happiness? Or, (b) get on with your life and hope they come round. If not, live your life because that is what matters, not their jealousies and envy.

6. If you are having an understandable flare, take the medication and get well!

With good wishes,


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