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Just wondering, does anyone else suffer from acid reflux?

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A few years after being diagnosed with lupus I started getting heartburn a lot. I had to have my gullet stretched 3 times so I could eat and was finally told I have acid reflux. So I was just wondering if anyone else has this?

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What drugs are you on? These can create Reflux, heartburn and trapped wind.

I suffer with all these so as well as my daily drugs I am on many to counteract the side effects of them.

With my recent reflux my GP has increased my pantoprozole to 40mg a day and its great its been fab being able to do stuff freedom.

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I take omeprazole to control the acid reflux but I still get heartburn sometimes

If you are getting it more frequently I'd take this more often, I'd recommend that see your GP as he can advise more.

I've always suffered with heartburn, reflux and trapped wind since diagnosis 30 years ago, It wasn't obvious to me to get my drugs increased but as I say its working.

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Thank you. I see my GP on 30 th so I'll mention the heartburn and hopefully he'll increase what I'm taking :) thank you again

No problem hope its sorted sooner rather than later, i found these ailments to be quite constrictive

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Unfortunately, this may be the result of the drugs irritating your stomach so it is important to see your GP in order to prevent the irritation and inflammation.

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