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Hep c and Lupus ? Is there a connection?

I went to a rheumatologist for my Lupus symptoms (which family dr thought were RA) and was tested for hep c by rheumatologist and found positive.?  No needle drug use so a mystery. 

I was sent immediately to a Gastroenterologist who put me on interferon and ribivirin for hep c. (2002 remember). It didn't work. 

So, my flare ups (assumed to be hep c ) were managed with pain pills and finally in 2014, I rid myself of hep c 3 with Sovaldi and Ribivirin. 

But I still had the flare ups!?  So, I changed family physicians and began again trying to figure out pain and they did an ANA and it shows 1.160 Speckled. 

I'm now awaiting my appointment next week with rheumatologist and am in shock. 

I cannot believe I will go thru this for the rest of my life. Question is, could the hep c have triggered the lupus?  My first husband was in Viet Nam war. He is deceased. No way to check if I contracted hep c 3 from him but type 3 is prevalent in Asia. 

I'm having a melt down. 

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