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Waste of time

Well that rhematologist appointment was a complete waste of time. ....lost my ana results....different specialist who just kept saying but u haven't got rheumatoid arthritis. ...yea I know that. ...its sle! !!!!..but bloods came back inconclusive. ...yea but not negative! !!!!! Can u see were this is going guys!!!!!!!....can not believe they have lost the main bloods..

.so now had to have them repeated. ..then he tells me my right knee looks bigger than the left....took some fluid to have tested and gave me a steroid injection! !!!!! Why?????.....roll on 4 months when hopefully get to see my original all In all I'm back to square 1....great eh!! Rant over

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You have every right to be angry! May I ask who is your consultant?

It sounds as if this doctor had not read your clinical history properly and has not shown you any empathy whatsoever. This reflects the problem of a busy clinic where junior doctors have to get through large numbers of "patients" so you are just another patient.

I am sorry you have had such an experience and telling you that your story is common does not help you one iota.

If you want to talk more, please consider joining the LuPUS Message Board.

With good wishes,



Where are you? And where were you seen?


I'm in East Yorkshire. .was seen at Bridlington hospital. .my usual rhemy man is Dr al saffar. ..can't remember thus guys name..brain fog...He wasn't interested in lupus. .just the fact I didn't have rheumatoid arthritis. .I know that....isn't lupus auto immune system diease? ????....think I'm going to ring Dr al saffar secretary and request an appointment with him only....Thanks for taking time to read my rant x


My usual consultant is Dr al saffar at Bridlington hospital. He understands lupus...The guy I saw yesterday wasn't interested in lupus...just rheumatoid arthritis. ...which I know I haven't got...surely if Dr al saffar and my GP...who has now retired. ..but that's another rant....Both agree it's lupus and they want to treat me as a lupus patient...shouldn't he follow suit?????.... ringing Dr al saffar secretary to get another appointment with him only. .

thankyou for the support x


I think you are right to insist you see Dr Al Saffar.

My other suggestion is to ask your GP for a referral to see Dr David D'Cruz who is the Director of the Lupus Clinic at St Thomas' Hospital, London - a centre of excellence for lupus. There is an option for you to stay over night on the NHS at The Simon hotel which can be arranged when you get your appointment.

Remember: not all rheumatologists are expert in lupus and some have never seen or treated patients with lupus.

Be well!



Thankyou Ros for the information...I will certainly ask if I can get refered to him. ...great advice x


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