Ken has made his mind up

he is going to have chemotherapy he got to see the doctor on the 3/9/13 he is still worrying about the side affects but he will try anything to give him more time , we have been told that the chemotherapy not for a cure but to try to manage to prolong life, but we have been told this second lot of chemotherapy has a lot more side ? but he going for it so wish him luck thanks

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  • Hi Carol, I hope that the chemo does not have too many problems for Ken and that it helps him. Lots of Luck and Best Wishes.


  • thank you Rab Ken starts with the chemo this Thursday 5/9/13 keeping positive carol

  • Hi Carol, ask oncologist for medication to relieve expected side effects as every little bit helps. Like Ken, I am also on pallitive care but am positive that I will still be around in a couple of years time. Wishing you and Ken all the best and sending big hugs. Moni x

  • I will try to speak to the oncologist about the medication as you said every little helps and we are trying to keep positive thank you for your reply it helps a lot carol

  • good luck ken hope all goes well

  • Carol

    Hope Ken copes well with treatment and gets more benefits than side effects. I think Moni's suggestions are helpful.

    best wishes to you both


  • thank you for your reply it dose help

  • My partner Colin had a second round of chemo as palliative care and I think that it did give him quality of life for a while - if it were me - I would go ahead - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain - yes side effects can be off putting but I think we have to grab every opportunity and positive thinking is a must - I wish Ken all the luck in the world xx

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