The Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation

Manchester Conference

Hi All.

Good to have attended the Foundation's conference in Manchester, and to meet some of the new 'e-friends' I have made over the past few months. Also great to meet some of the staff who contribute greatly to our well-being. Well worth the hassle of travelling to a foreign country!! Sharing views and learning more about our conditions/treatments is always worthwhile, as is the opportunity to chat with, and offer moral support where appropriate. It's important to let folk see that groups like ours are not all about doom and gloom. Thanks from Gwen and I, to all who contributed in any way. And the wee guy in the bar last night, pours a fine glass of wine. :) Best to all of you. Bill

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Must agree with Bill. It was a much smaller group this year, but, the best things come in small packages. It was lovely to meet up and see some now 'weel kent faces' as we say in Scotland. Already looking forward to next year.

Till next time, thanks for the brilliant company, and I wish you all a lovely time over the festive season. Finally, to each one of you, from all the Scots up here, 'lang may your lum reek'



Really glad you all enjoyed it. It's so inspiring to have so many passionate and enthusiastic people in one room, all with the common goal of trying to improve things for lung cancer. Sometimes in this job you can feel like a mouse trying to climb a mountain, so it's heartening to know you are not alone!


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