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Can anyone help with info about private treatment?

Hi all my husband has secondaries in his remaining lung and has been told there is no treatment he could have. We have asked to see someone privately but were told by one doctor "You would only be seeing me anyway!? We live in Bristol and have found them very unwilling to give him any treatment such as Cyberknife etc. They get very defensive. I think it is an "age discrimination thing" as he is now 81. He was a very fit man of 75 when all this started. We are at our wits end. Mo Milsom

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If you go private we have found you get a total different attitude then you do on the nhs, i can highly recommended the doctor we are using but he is in london.


Hi, I think it is possible that if you go Privately within the same hospital/area you may well see the same Consultant. It may be you have to go to London or a different area. I don't know if this is helpful but Spire have just opened a big Cancer facility near us - there may be something nearer to you have a look at this

Good luck.


Hello, so sorry to hear about your husband.

Consultants, Surgeons and Oncologists often work both privately and for the NHS. I am now a private patient and have received excellent treatment from all staff concerned. However, I also was exceptionally impressed with the treatment I received from the NHS. Having completed the usual 6 rounds of chemotherapy the consultant opted to give me another 6 rounds of chemo and has now put me on a 'maintenance programme' of Pemetrexed and Avastin. I'm unsure I would be able to get this on the NHS as it is quite expensive but to be honest I have never asked.

I think it is highly unlikely that the current NHS doctor is 'age discriminating' as I'm sure he would be doing everything possible for your husband. I am only 44 and even privately I have been told that it would not help me to have the Cyberknife treatment. Even new piece of information I find I contact my oncologist most of the time for him to tell me it wouldn't work in my case. Privately or on the NHS. We are all entited to a second option though, and if you are unhappy, then for your own piece of mind perhaps you should look at seeing another specialist. Absolutely no harm can come of it. I can highly recommend the oncologist and doctor I use. Both are based at The Hampshire Clinic in Basingstoke.

I wish you and your husband the very best. Please feel free to contact me should you wish to make contact with the oncologist I see.


Hi my husband went private had two operations at Spire and his Consultant then said see me on the NHS which was exactly the same really and also saw a Lung Cancer Nurse which was not available privately and my husband preferred this. I hope you find some more help.Take care.


hi , You can try therapy. 30 ml per day or 3 tablespoons per day. drink lots of water, eat fruits and vegetables. This is what I do every day


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