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Looking for London-based patients to be interviewed for BBC film on lung cancer

Hi all,

We have been contacted by the director of a BBC show, who would like to interview London-based lung cancer patients, who never smoked.

We need two people - one who has undergone surgery and someone diagnosed in stage 4.

If possible they would like to film you undertaking some form of treatment - whatever that may be.

They will film either at home or in a clinical setting. The director is very sensitive to patient concerns - and understands this would be a very brave thing to do, go on television.

The motivation would hopefully be to help promote the idea that early diagnosis is key and that non smokers too can get lung cancer - and hopefully help improve survival rates.

Filming will take place next week. If you are interested could you email


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Emma, a lady called Kate has emailed you about this,

Lyn x


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