Are you currently on Iressa? Would you be willing to talk about your experience on camera?

We have a couple of opportunities for filming. We have a request from a pharmaceutical company who want to interview someone who has experience of this treatment. It would be filmed in south west London and an honorarium, or payment for your time and expenses could be made. The film is for internal use and won't be made public.

We are also going to be launching a series of podcasts on various topics of interest to people with lung cancer. If you would be willing to participate do let me know.

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on behalf of the Information & Support Team

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  • Hi I've been on Iressa for 9 months. I'm 46 with stage IV. I would possibly be able to travel SW London.

  • Have been on Iressa for 13 months. Age 65 years and am stage IV lung cancer. Live in SW London and would be happy to take part.

  • Hi there, I have been on Iressa for "35" months. Feeling good and keeping positive about it!!!

    I'm 58 years old and don't know exactly the stage of my cancer I think I'm stage 3 (not sure..) I could travel to London if expenses are met and depending of the time it would be...

  • Hi I have been taking irressa since jan 9 months now, and feeling good, I would be willing to share my experience with the poeple that matter to help with advancing the drugs if it helps.

  • My mother is on Iressa for one month now and I am ready to participate if this is still going on

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