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Well mum has her scan tomorrow and then we meet up with her consultant on Thursday to see if the chemo she has had has done it's job. To say we are all worried is an understatement. I'm trying my best to be positive as thats the type of person I am. I hope and pray that I can write a blog on Thursday that will give all lung cancer sufferers hope.

Speak Thursday xx

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE here's hoping 2013 is a good year for you and your families xxx

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Hi Deb.

Happy New Year to you too, and I know we're all going to be thinking of you and your family over the next days and weeks.



We have two more courses till we get here and I'm already nervous.I shall be thinking of youand wishing you all the best, Jayne xx


Hope it's a Good New Year for you Deb ad that the results are good on Thursday. Will be thinking of you ad your dear Mum.


Sandra xx


Hi Deb,

Wishing you and your Mum and Family a Good 2013. As everyone else has said we shall be thinking of you and Mum, praying that you will get good news on Thursday.

Love, Georgie x


Hi Deb,

keeping everything crossed for you to get great news on Thursday and that 2013 is the start of a great year!

Lyn x


Hi Deb,

Sending lots of positivity your way and praying that your mum has had a great response to the chemo. I was going through the same with my mum last summer so completely understand how you feel. I'm sure it's going to be great news! Celebrate that when you're told.

Best wishes, Sarah x


hi Deb,

Hoping that you get good news on Thursday and will be thinking of you

Sue xx


Hi All

I just wanted to let you all know that we've been to see the consultant today and the is neither good nor bad.

Mum's tumour and mets have not shrunk but they haven't grown either although her scan on Monday has now revealed bone mets which may have been there at the time of original scan but not shown up. Mum's bone mets are a strange type as for some reason instead of eating away at the bone it has over produced calcium so has actually become denser. The consultant used a word beginning with "S" to describe it but for the life of me I cant remember what it was.

Anyway we now have an 8 week rest period before she has another scan then we will see the consultant a week or 2 afterwards.

I just wanted to thank you all for your kind words and although we have never met I feel overwhelmed by your support.

I hope you all stay well.

Best Wishes

Debbie xx


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