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Positive Outlook

I just wanted to share my positive outlook with everyone in the hope it maybe of some help.

About 7 years ago I had a small colon cancer which was removed and had no other signs of cancer for about 5 years when I was diagnosed with Lung Cancer Metastasis. Following surgery the cancer returned in both lungs and the ribs. Prognosis was 1 to 2 years.

I was determined to be positive about this and took the view that if I was given 18 months that time could still be filled with happy times with a loving family around me. We sometimes waste the time we have and not appreciate our lives that we are given. 18 months of quality time is for me worth more than many years just drifting along with no appreciation of life itself.

Every day is a gift and a blessing and for me and there is no such thing as a bad day, just some days are much better than others.

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Hi Diverboy

I totally agree with you. Positive outlook is like a good medicine (or whisky!!) It's fairly easy to be positive when things are going well, but much more difficult when you're faced with things like a time limit.

The knowledge that you have a loving family around you to spend time with, whether it's measured in months or years, cannot be bought.

Very best wishes, Bill


Hi Diverboy, As with Bill I agree with you, A Positive outlook is Very Good(not so sure about the whisky bit)! Lol. It's hard to stay positive when things are not going so good. Even worse

When your on a time limit!

You are very lucky to have a loving, supportive family around you, enjoy spending whatever time you have with them, as your right we don't always appreciate what we have. Have a lovely Christmas. Xx


Hi, I do agree with you, about a month ago I was told that I have mets to my brain from my NSC lung cancer. What a shock, we thought I was through the worse and feeling the best I had felt for months & months, I had started walking with a group, volunteering at a local country centre that work with people with learning disabilities etc.

I have been told that I have less than a year to live????? I am 56 years of age I have 2 wonderful daughters, a 3yr old grandaughter & a 2 in January grandson; I moved to West Sussex 2 years ago to be near them - god am I glad that I did that; I have been in their lives on a 4 days a week basis, had I stayed in Devon I would of been that Nan lady that came to visit now and then. I am glad that I have time to prepare; I am getting all my personal stuff in order; and I guess we are all coming to terms with this in our own ways; it is hard at times; I feel I am in an episode of Holby City! Positive is hard; but I do realise that this is out of my control now; very hard for my 82yr old Mum who I live with; it's all wrong shouldn't she go first? x


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