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My busy productive day (or not)

I've had quite a busy day today and I'm feeling it, must be an age thing : ) I've been to pick up my new glasses so I can see clearly now without screwing up my eyes haha, had another physio session on my shoulder which was quite productive ( my 13yr old son has been shown how he can help me with some of the exercises ). Since I had my op I have had some discomfort in my shoulder and the top of my arm when making certain movements. At the moment both my shoulders feel really achy but as the saying goes, no pain, no gain. I've also been to see my gp about a little tummy discomfort I've been having which looks like a bit of a water infection. She said she had heard from my consultant and he is quite pleased with my progress. There was a little doubt about my last xray so I was sent for a cat scan. The area that was a concern is only scar tissue so great news. Suppose I should have mentioned that I've lost 4lbs in a fortnight but its only a little bit so I will see how that goes. In the meantime looking forward in away to going back to work after this long holiday and my 47th birthday in a couple of weeks. Oh and my consultant thinks I'm a lovely young lady, perhaps I should offer him a loan of my glasses the next time I see him : )

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It sounds like you are doing very well and I hope that physio does it's job and helps with the discomfort you have been experiencing. You have been under a great deal of stress that could possibly explain the weight loss so try not to worry. Overall your consultant is pleased and that is really great news as was the scan results. It all sounds very positive so take plenty of encouragement from all of this. Take care of yourself and I hope work goes well when you return.


thanks Joanna, I did return to my job in February. Returning to work after the long summer holiday we have. I did reduce my hours on a temporary basis but to tell you the truth, I'm enjoying being at home in time for my son returning from school. We hardly got to spend much time together before due to me working my main job and then doing a part-time job on top of that plus he trains 5 nights a week (he is a swimmer) so in a way something positive came out of it all : )


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