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Mums surgeon appointment, feeling anxious 😩

Hi all

I am a bit emotional this evening, I think the last few months have caught up with me! My mum has recently been diagnosed with early stage Adenocarcinoma in both lungs. Her case is quite unusual in that it is 2 new cancers and the scans etc have not shown any spread elsewhere which we are very grateful for. It has taken a few months to get the full diagnosis and she has been told she will have surgery on both lungs with no further treatment after which was quite a surprise but again we are so grateful. She has an appointment with the surgeon this Thursday to discuss the surgery and I just feel so anxious about it. It has taken 4 months to get her diagnosis and it has been an emotional roller coaster to say the least! I feel a bit silly even saying this as we have been told old that she has a very good prognosis and they are treating her with curative intent but I just feel so worried - what if her her situation has changed in the time it's taken to get the diagnosis, how long will she wait for the surgery, about her having the surgery, how she will be after.... the list goes on!

Does anyone have experience of surgery on both lungs?

Thanks in advance x

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Dear Missy,

This is really good news that your mum has a very good prognosis.I have attached a link explaining about lung cancer surgery.

You asked what if your mums situation has changed in the time its taken to get the diagnosis.According to cancer research UK most cancers develop over many years and don't show up on a scan until they have been growing for some time. So waiting a few weeks for a scan or treatment does not usually affect how well the treatment works.

You will have contact details of the lung cancer nurse specialist involved in your mums care.She will be a very good person to support your mum and the family and don't hesitate to ask her any questions you may have on your mums individual treatment and management.

If you feel you need someone to talk to don't hesitate to call the Nurse Led Helpline Freephone 0800 358 7200.

Kind regards,

All the Nurse Helpline Support Team

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Thank you x


Hi Missy sorry to hear your news about your mum. I was diagnosed with lung cancer stage 1 in 1 lung and the same as you so grateful and felt blessed that it hadn't spread! I had my op a month today and feel I am making slow steady progress. I had quite a bit of discomfort at first but it has been getting easier and I have managed to get out for a short walk everyday since I came out of hospital. I have been quite tired and as time is going on, I have had to listen to my body and not my mind!!!! I think it is only natural to feel very anxious when someone you love is going through such an experience but all the hospital staff are so lovely and amazing what they do, try if you can to know that everything is going to be ok and they will all be looking after your mum for you. Hope all goes ok on Thursday and your mum will not have to wait too long now. Sending you comfort hugs x

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Hi webbs8

Thank you so much for your lovely reply. It's a comfort to hear from someone who has had a similar experience and i am glad that you are recovering well and making progress every day! Xx


My mum also has adenocarcinoma on both lungs. Unfortunately not curative. She is to receive 2 weeks radium. She is well just now with no symptoms. Her cancer only detected as she had a bad angina attack at Christmas and was admitted. The staff we have seen have been wonderful. However I feel that the time between referral to respiratory and finally starting treatment for this disease is so slow in comparison to breast cancer. My mums time for this is 15 weeks. I am a nurse and know that lung cancer is likely to progress quickly and could it be that this us why very few survive!? Who knows.


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