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My mum yesterday was diagnosed with dysgerminoma she is 64 it is only in her lung and not anywhere else (apparently this is rare) when I have tried to read up on this it says its usually found in young women in their ovaries. my mum has none she had a hysterectomy approx 25 years ago. She has an appointment for a PET scan next week and will probably start radiotherapy the week after. any advise/help would be appreciated. Doctor said he has never seen this in a female this is a male thing?? and that males usually respond well to treatment and cannot see it being any diferent for a female

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Hi Debz99

Never heard of this, so I looked up the dictionary and probably found the same answers you did.

It suggests chemo and radiotherapy help a lot, so that sounds pretty good. Check it out with Cancer Nurse Specialist, who can no doubt tell you more - and maybe more accurate.

Best wishes, Bill


It does sound positive, its just the waiting around, people should not have to wait so long, I know a few weeks is not long to some but when you have cancer its no joke. Thanks Bill x


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