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Patient and carer tips for Inspire magazine


My name is Mark and I write a lot of the content for Inspire, Roy Castle's lung cancer magazine.

In our second edition, we would like to feature more tips and advice from patients and carers to pass on to our readers. So if you have something you'd like to share, please email me at by Friday 27 July

However, I can't guarantee that we will use every submission, as we have very limited space, although every tip will be considered by Inspire's editorial board.

Thank you, Mark

PS As an example, a tip we used in the first edition was:

I kept a diary between chemo sessions. It gave me great comfort during treatment to read back about the previous session and how things got better. VL, Hampshire

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Appointments with Doctors or Oncologists can be quite daunting its so easy to miss some details of their conversation with you,so always attend these occassions with a relative or friend ,who can support you simply by listening to what is said,and recount this with you later.They may also assist in asking the doctor to repeat a statement he has made or clarify/expand on it.Another thing to consider as we know from past experience,we have just completed an appointment,when we realise we have forgotten to ask a particular question,so take some time before the interview to write down all the questions you would like your Doctor to address.


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